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Mixed In Key €� DJ Software For Harmonic Mixing 8.5.3 yazyarm




The J48 algorithm is the method behind many of the top selling programs. It intelligently scans your music for key, tempo, groove, melody and key changes. Get mixed in key instantly. With a new generation of J48 algorithms, you can expect the best results ever. 2. Includes four different tempo ranges, enabling you to mix instantly at any tempo without needing to manually adjust. Mix at faster or slower than real time with ease. 3. Groove analyzes your song’s groove and automatically adjusts the timing of your mix. 4. Melody analyzes your song’s key, allowing your mix to play in any key. 5. Automatic beat matching with BeatReader®, allows you to mix at any tempo while staying on beat. 6. A visual progress bar on the screen shows you precisely how you’re mixing. J48 Algorithm Intuitive J48 algorithm is similar to one of the most successful artificial intelligence algorithms, the most recent generation of J48 uses the best music information retrieval (MIR) technology in the world. The J48 MIR technology was developed by University of Mannheim. The technology is also behind Microsoft’s revolutionary new search engine “Bing”. Based on MIR, the J48 algorithm can extract and manipulate music information from your audio data and accurately adjust your music mix at a particular tempo, in a particular key and in a particular groove. BeatReader® BeatReader® is an audio spectrum analyzer that can also be used for beat matching. Using its unique ability to analyze and compare the pitch and timing of your audio files to the target audio, it can adapt to the tempo of your music and automatically match your beat. BeatReader® is the ultimate, simple to use beat matching solution. It’s the only program that can do everything for you. It has the strength of a more powerful, more expensive beat matching solution. It has the speed and accuracy of a simpler beat matching solution. And it can do all this in a user-friendly, fun-to-use package. Complete Mixing The combination of DJ technology and beat matching technology gives you complete mixing control. BeatReader® can be used to beat match, while Mixed In Key 10 can be used to mix your song at any tempo and pitch. Together, you get complete mixing power. Mixing Tempo (0–220) Mixing tempo




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